Manual Calling Type Anti-collision System for Unmanned Tower (K-100FB)

- K-100FB: Manual Alarm System using small radio transceiver & buzzer -
[ Product Composition ]
[ Product Features ]

  • 16 bit MICOM
  • Self-developed PC Program input
  • Embedded radio transceiver and beeper enable communication between towers
  • According to work site’s layout, frequent change of towers called out is possible
  • Built-in FND window shows own tower No. and the No. of the tower called out
  • High powered external speaker enables long distance perception
  • Rechargeable battery enables installation in any place

[ Product Application ]
  • The tower operator who has recognized any danger calls out the counterpart in the problematic tower and warns of the danger
  • According to the layout of towers in work site, one number is allocated for each tower where the possibility of common danger exists so that the tower can be called out within the shortest time when there is any danger
  • The tower operator who has recognized any danger presses the No. of the problematic tower to ring alarm. Then, the tower operator called out recognizes the danger by the alarm sound and the tower No. shown on the FND
  • Urgent voice communication is possible by pressing the pedal